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Falck Safety Services Training Center Bremerhaven

About Falck Safety Services

Falck Safety Services provides competence in preventing, managing and learn from critical situations. We do this through training, counselling and by giving assistance. Over 30 years of experience from the offshore industries has given Falck Safety Services unique expertise that has world-wide demand.

Falck Safety Services is a division under Falck, which is registered in Denmark. For over a century, it has been Falcks mission to prevent accidents, diseases and emergency situations, give rapid assistance and aid, and rehabilitate the sick and injured.
Falck Safety Services' expertise
Falck Safety Services offers co-operation with various organisations, on several levels. Our goal is to contribute to strengthening organisations in order to aid managers and employers in prevention, handling and learning from a potential crisis situation.
Falck Safety Services has instructors from the emergency services, and counsellors with relevant experience with a strong foundation in external professional and academic environments. E.g.psychologists, organisational psychologists, legal experts and engineers.
Falck Safety Services' clients
Employers and managers in large multinational companies, state governed offices, local governments and various countries defence organisations turn to us. However, schools, organisations and private persons also request our services. In other words; Falck Safety Services is services various fields, and operates on various levels. These have a common awareness that people, the environment, and material values can be saved, and damages limited, - if you are prepared.
What and where do we deliver?
Our products encompass both preparatory training, on a practical and theoretical level, as well as advisory services and direct assistance, once a critical situation has occurred.
In Norway we have training centres and advisory offices in Trondheim, Oslo, Stavanger, Sotra and in Bergen. The head office in Norway is in Bergen, and Falck Safety Services also operates internationally. We are located in Malaysia (Melaka, Johor og Miri), the Netherlands (Rotterdam and Den Oever), Brazil (Macae), Denmark (Esbjerg and Copenhagen), and we are constantly growing. However, this is just a starting point. Falck Safety Services is flexible and available where and when ever needed
Highly trusted by our clients
Falck Safety Services has approximately 1000 employees and had a turnover of approximately 900 mill DKK in 2009. Our customers describe us as trustworthy,  with a highly professional approach to safety and preparedness. Falck Safety Services is certified according to ISO 9001.

​Am Handelshafen 8-10

27570 Bremerhaven


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